Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Zara's Report Card


Zara got straight A's on her report card, and its not because her mother made it. I wouldn't dare leave her education up to our plagued public school system, so I'm doing it myself (for now, anyway). See her reportcard below.

Student's Name: Zara
Age: 5 months
Teacher: Mommy, of course

Reading- A+
Comments- Zara is very attentive and loves the bright colors in her books. She makes adorable noises and tries to grab the pictures in the book. She even likes to free style and make up her own endings.

Math- A+
Comments- Zara knows that 1 mommy + 1 daddy = everything she needs. She also loves her many friends and extended family members that help take care of her. She tried counting them, but lost cout around 100. She also loves counting how many times a day she nurses. She tried counting those too, but again lost count around 100.

Art- A+
Comments- I don't want to speak too soon, but we many have another Picasso on our hands. You should see the masterpieces she creates with her throw up splatters and booboo stains.

Physical Fitness- A+
Comments- Zara is the fastest swimmer in the tub. She's a back floating master and will beat anyone in the 100M freestyle

Language- A+
Comments- Zara responds to English, French, Wolof and Fulani (and she speaks them too when no one is watching).

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Zara's Mommy,
Nadirah Angail

Thursday, November 12, 2009

You and me and baby makes three


Just the two of us, that's how it's always been. We were used the that, comfortable with that. Now that the baby is here, our two is gone. We've gotten used to this three, love this three, wouldn't trade this three for anything in the world, but we can't forget about our two.

I heard in school that marital satisfaction drops suddenly and, in most cases, temporarily. I wouldn't say I've experienced a drop in my satisfaction, just a change. From a having a wiggly, slobbery, throw up-y little person in the bed to rarely going out on dates, babies turn your world upsdie down.

So I've been brainstorming ways to get our two back from time to time. A lot of times, mothers think that the marriage has to go on the back burner if she wants to be a good mom. Not true. It's possible to have both the marriage and the baby both on front burners. (After all, there are two.) It takes some balancing and patience, but it is doable and 100% necessary.

Part of being good parents is showing your children what a healthy love looks like. Completely ignoring your husband and treating him like the guy you just share a room with is not the example you want to set for your babies.  It's bad enough we've got to compete with TV, music and magazines that push "SEX, SEX, SEX" onto our kids. Showing them how to do it the right way is an invaluable lesson. So show your man some attention and don't you dare feel bad about it!

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Zara's Mommy,
Nadirah Angail

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Have you seen my $83,376?

Now that I'm a SAHM, I've gotten into the habit of telling people I don't work. I need to clarify that statement, because, as it is, it's extremely misleading and downright false. What I mean and should be saying is that I do work (quite hard, actually) just not at a job that compensates me with biweekly paychecks in the form of US currency. Ok, that is a mouthful. Maybe I should just tell them that I don’t work for the MAN *said with a fiery attitude*. Nah, that sounds too controversial, like it might start a long conversation that I don’t even have the time to get into. Ok, what about “Family Operations Executive”? Yeaaaaa, sounds fancy, huh? But then I’d have to deal with all the questions about what a FOE is. I’m going to have to keep thinking on this name, but either way, I definitely work. SAHMs don’t get paid, but if we did, I think we should get $83,376. Why $83,376? Well, because:

I looked into it. The price varies, but Merry Maids (you know, the company that has the commercial with the jolly maids cleaning homes) charges around 180 for 2 hours, or 90/hr. Since I spend around 2 hours cleaning a day (I’m sure it’s more for people with older children) that’s 180 dollars x 7 days a week x 2 week=$2,520.

Then there is childcare. Looked into that, too. Daycarematch.com reports child care rates from all over the country. Their prices range between $314 and $640. I’ll situate myself right in the middle at $477. So that’s 477 a week x 2 weeks = $954. $2,520 + $954= $3,474. That amount paid biweekly comes out to $6,948 per month. That amount paid monthly comes out to $83,376 each year. And that’s not including all the other things SAHMs do. So, I'm not sure what I should be called, but I know I'm working!

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Zara's Mommy,
Nadirah Angail
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