Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Official Book Post

It's the small book that's making a big impact...

"On All the Things That Make Me Beautiful" is my first book, hopefully the first of many. It only seemed right that I start with something close to my heart. Even when I'm not trying to, I often gear my writings toward women. I encode in them messages of love and support. I have to. I can't see what I see and know what I know and not do it. Just isn't possible.

Women are so amazing. We're often considered the weaker sex, but we display a type of emotional strength most men can't match. Quite literally, we've carried the entire world, from the comfort of our wombs to the hustle and bustle of this mortal life... I could go on. This is  my passion.  Let me stay focused.

This book covers so many topics. Everything from health and beauty, to love and heartache, to music and friendship, to doubt and forgiveness. There is something for everyone, even men. Many of the topics are universal and can benefit men just as much as women. It gives men a peak into the feminine mind (which many of you say you don't understand). Visit my official site to read an excerpt and buy the book.

What people are saying about it

"Nadirah your book is so inspirational and so insightful its one of those book that you can't stop reading. Nadirah your book touched me in a way that no other book has, and it was shocking when I noticed tears rolling down my face." N. Khalifah, Kansas City

"I read the book in one evening and I suggest it for anyone who wants to be inspired or share inspiration with others. I really related to the part 'On Love' because this author knows how to write in a very REAL and beautiful way. I hope you all benefit from the book as much as I did and enjoy!" C. Hartmann, Kansas City


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