Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Plea for Help From A Crazy Parent of a Sleepless Child


I haven't had a goodnight's sleep since June 14, 2009. That was the day BEFORE my daughter was born. Okay, so that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not really. She is 13 months and still gets up to nurse through the night. I did manage to get her to go back to sleep without nursing one night, but it took about an hour. I'm going crazy here! All you seasoned parents out there, I need you to save me from the brink of insanity. Suggestions? Advice?

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  1. Is she eating any solids? She may be looking for more milk/food during the day so she can make it through the night. She may also be looking for comfort if she doesn't use a pacifier. But if she's waking up consistently the same way she has been to nurse, she may require an increase in nutrition before bedtime. If you want more info on how the Hasan kids sleep through the night, let me know. At five months Fajr pretty much sleeps through the night, save a bottle around 5 am then she goes back to sleep until 8.

  2. I feel you...I didn't get a full night of sleep for 16 months after my baby was born. My baby slept with me the whole time that I nursed her. After she turned one, I started to wean her to a bottle. It's easier to get them to sleep by themselves when they're not nursing. And don't worry about her becoming attached to a bottle. I had mine off the bottle by a year and a half. Anyways, when I first started, I would lay down with my daughter until she went to sleep, and then I would leave the room. But then I started doing a bedtime routine with her every night at the same time (prayer, sing a song, lay her down in her crib). She really liked to go to sleep with her glowing seahorse stuffed animal because it plays music. When I first started, she would cry, and I would go in after about 10 minutes of crying, and she would finally go to sleep. If I had to go in her room again, I would wait a little longer each time. All of a sudden one day, she just slept through the night. I didn't have enough strength to let her cry it out the first time all by herself until she went to sleep. My baby was the type that would work herself up to the point where we wouldn't sleep for the rest of the that's why I would let her cry in increments, check on her and let her know that I was still there. Every baby is different. I would just start trying different things and work around her temperament. You'll find what works for your baby.

  3. Been there, done that. :)

    What worked for me was setting a small schedule - I am NOT a fan of putting babies on schedules, unless their schedule includes me turning into a sleep deprived zombie.

    My son was so bad, the doctor had me adding rice milk to his bottle when he was younger. I took naps whenever I could and I put my husband on first shift - so he would get up and do feedings before 12, I did the ones after 12. This really helped because I knew I would get at least a few hours of semi-solid sleep.

    Let me know if I can offer more help!

  4. Oh honey, I wish I could wrap you up in a big e-hug because I know how hard it is. What worked for me is setting up a constant bedtime routine. Books, bath, bottle, bed. Every night at the same time. Put her in the crib drowsy but awake. She's been sleeping 11-12 hours a night since she was 6 or 7 months. There might be some crying. I don't know how comfortable you are with cry it out, but we needed to do it eventually. Some books that helped me were The No Cry Sleep Solution and Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child.

    I'm your newest follower! Our little ones are almost the same age; my daughter was born on June 19, 2009

  5. Routine is key. And you may have to make her simply cry it out. You both will be better for it in the end. Best of luck.

  6. So sorry you are going through this, dear. My youngest son had been waking up every two hours from the time he was born... I was exhausted! Then when he was seven months old, I made a trip out-of-state with my dad and older son for a family reunion, leaving the baby with my (now ex-) husband. My youngest must have decided his mama would leave him for good and began sleeping through the night after that! He's now a 27-yr-old... as far as I know, he still sleeps through the night. LOL!

    Prayers that your little one quickly adjusts the sleep schedule so you can get the rest you need to keep mama-ing! ♥

    Visiting from SITS! =)

  7. I hope you get some good sleep soon! Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions, but thank you for stopping by my blog. : )


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