Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something New


Parents love to brag about how smart their babies are. "Did you see her pick up that block? She's so smart!" The little things babies do give us insight into how their brains are developing. Its fun to watch, but one of the main things that gives us a glimpse into their true genius often gets ignored: the fact that babies wake up smiling.

You've noticed it before, I'm sure. You dismissed it as "a cute little things they do" and went on about your day. Had you looked a little closer, you would have understood. You would have received the gift.

It’s hard being human, dealing with all our built-in imperfections and overwhelming emotions. The various obstacles we face have a tendency to sidetrack us from our goals and detract from our natural joy. We carry our hurt and frustration with us through the day, a heavy sack of resentment that slows our progress. It fills the space in our beds at night and shoves us into corners, robbing us of a good night's rest. It nudges us awake in the morning and distracts us from the beauty of yet another day. This becomes our sad routine. This becomes our life.
But, babies wake up smiling. Whatever anger they experienced the night before (and you know babies get angry), they leave there in that moment. Never would they punish themselves by mixing yesterday's irritation with today's calm. They don't even let the frustration of five minutes ago interfere with the current blessing. They treat each day— each moment—like something new.

We adults, with our extensive vocabularies and intellectual reasoning, haven’t made this discovery. Rather than accept and praise the potential of a new start, we focus on our misfortunes and give them the kind of attention they don’t deserve. There is so much to be thankful for in life, so much to make us smile. Yet and still, we frown. Yet and still, we complain. Yet and still, we sabotage our own happiness.

But, babies wake up smiling. They guard their joy, because they know its value. They thrive on it. It’s what their innocence is made of. It’s what makes them so pleasant to be around. We could learn a lesson from these adorable little creatures. Our very lives depend on it. Abandon your sadness where it is, and sleep well tonight, knowing that tomorrow's sunrise will bring something new.

P.S. This post is an entry in the My Brown Baby "Beautiful Mind Writing Contest"

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  1. I love this! I think it's great and I fully agree with you. :)

    I was just in the right place at the right time for the voice-overs. It was a great, great thing!

  2. I love this! I try to greet each day with a smile but never thought about the fact that babies do in intuitively.

  3. Even if I wake up grumpy, looking at my sweet baby's smile makes me happy again. First thing in the morning with my baby is the best time. I should try to follow my baby's lead.

  4. That is a great thought and reminder! A new day IS a new beginning.

  5. Beautiful written perspective! congrats on your honorable mention in the writing contest!

  6. It is a conscious choice to let it go at night, and here you are giving us permission to let it go in the morning too! They are our teachers, when we let them! Congrats on your piece receiving the honorable mention, and for getting your work out there!
    Best, Mama C


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