Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You know you're a mom of an infant if...

Here's a list of things I've noticed about myself since I became a mom. Feel free to add on.

You know you're a mom of an infant if...

-You have pee/booboo/throw up stains on your clothes at ALL TIMES
-and you don't even care anymore
-You have items like wipes, rattles, miscellaneous diapers and onsies in your purse, even when the baby isn't with you
-Going to the grocery store feels like "getting out"
-You go days without leaving the house
-You buy clothes depending on how "baby friendly" they are
-You tell your childless friends countless stories about your baby that they probably don't want to hear
-You're amazed at how quickly your baby grows and changes
-At the mall, you now go in stores that you never used to pay attention to (like Gymboree).
-You get happy when your fussy baby finally falls asleep... like REALLY happy
-You're amazed at the things you've been able to do while holding a baby
-You're regretting that expensive baby item you just bought because you know you didn't really need. It was just so cute!
-You take one million pictures of your child a day, even when it's clear the baby is thinking "Leave me the hell alone"
-You accept normal, everyday baby behavior as proof that your child is nothing short of a genius. "You see how she stares into the light? I told you she was smart!"

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  1. You forgot:

    - if getting poop on your hands doesn't even phase you anymore
    - if you dress for breastfeeding accessibility
    - if you are a booty sniffer
    - if you anxiously await their next milestone while mourning their rapid growing up

  2. hahaha I was tellin my husband how i smelled her rump the other day and i swear it smelled like chocolate. hahaha. maybe somebody stuck a snicker down her diaper!

  3. I had a good laugh at this 'cause I am guilty of every single one!

  4. totally true... loved this post!!


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