Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Love Your Baby


I've got some nerve, writing a how-to baby blog when my child is not even 60 days old yet. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I've been loving babies a lot longer than I've been a mother, so I've got a few skills. In general, loving babies comes naturally,but there are some tips that can make you even better at it. This is what my mother has taught me:

1.) Whatever baby wants, baby gets
My sweety is not even 2 full months yet, and I've already lost count of how many people have called her spoiled. But that doesn't stop me from holding her and comforting her as often as she'd like me to. Sure, it's time consuming, but I know that she needs it. Babies, especially new babies, need to know that the world is a safe place and that their needs will be met. Holding them a lot and answering their cries teaches them that. It calms them and does wonders for their brain development. Besides, everyone knows that babies grow like weeds and sooner or later, they won't want to be held at all.

2.) Talk to baby. She'll understand
It takes a while for babies to understand enough to respond, but they can feel the energy of your speech from birth. When you look into your honey's eyes and say "Mommy loves you sooo much!" she can feel that love, which leads me to the next tip.

3.)Be aware of your energy
Just as babies can feel your loving energy, they can also feel your anxiety and anger. Have you ever noticed that your baby cries when you're upset, sad or tense. Even if you don't say anything, they can feel that energy. If moma's happy, baby's happy. If moma's sad, baby's sad.

4.)Appreciate your baby
Having children is hard. I was told that before I became a parent and I'm learning that now that I am a parent. Between the sleepless nights, consistenly stained clothes and diminished free time, remember that your child is a blessing. Some people want children but can't have them. Others have had and lost them. So, to those of us that actually have them in our lives right now, be thankful.

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