Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Leave the House Looking CRAZY

Yesterday, my husband needed a ride. He just needed to be dropped off at a place that wasn't far from the house, so I decided to go "as is," which looked like this...

I had just finished taking some braids out of my hair and hadn't taken a shower yet, so I still had on my PJs. No biggie. I knew I wasn't going to be getting out of the car, so it didn't matter. Zara and I dropped him off and headed back home.

All was well, until I noticed that the "refuel now" sign was lit on the dashboard. The radio had been playing such good music that I was completely consumed by my driver's dancing and hadn't even noticed when it came on. Was it 2 seconds ago or 15 minutes? Plus, I was driving my mother's car--which I'm not familiar with--so I didn't feel comfortable chancing it. I've run out of gas 4 or 5 times in my own car (back when I had one) and know how frustrating it is to be stranded.

At this point I was really close to the house, but pulled into the next gas station anyway. It wasn't until I got out of the car that I remembered what I looked like. Too late. I was already out and wasn't leaving without some gas. I ignored the crazy looking men that obviously felt they had to stare at the big-haired lady in the bright blue bathrobe.

It would have been an in and out deal if I could get the gas tank door open. My mother drives a Mercedez, so I figured there was some fancy trick to opening it. I got back in the car and looked around for a button with a picture of a gas tank on it.


I checked in the usual places that I had seen it in on other cars.

No success.

I checked in crazy places that I already knew I wouldn't find it in (like the glove compartment, sun visor, and floorboard).

Still no luck.

By this point, I had been there 10 minutes, it was getting hot and more and more crazy/killer/rapist/cannibal/hooligan/kipnapper types were rolling through. I called my mother to ask her where the button was and she couldn't tell me. (She has another car and doesn't drive this one much.)She said she didn't know the exact spot, but that it was somewhere on the driver's door. I searched that door over and over and pushed every button on it, but none opened the gas tank.

Then Zara started to cry. Great. I'm looking crazy in a hot gas station, surrounded by jail escapees and my daughter is WAILING. I hopped in the back seat and fed her, which was so awkward considering the situation. I know she was as hot as I was, but I had to cover her with her blanket to keep from giving the weirdos a peep show. I begged her to make it a quick snack, and luckily she did.

I put her back in her seat and got back out the car to tackle this door. I marched around to the other side of the car like I was ready to fight and started trying to slip my fingers in that tiny gap to pry the door open. You already know that didn't work. I kept fooling around with the door and praying that none of these scary onlookers offered help.

They didn't, the jerks.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of pressing on the door, hoping that it would magically pop open, I decided to press the other side. Voila. It was that simple. The door swung open with ease, almost mocking me. I could just hear it squeaking "You big dummy."

I quickly got my gas and drove the last two minutes home. I learned my lesson.

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  1. Another great story..made me laugh, especially b.c it was so simple to open the gas tank!!lol...btw, i think your hair is looking quite lovely =)

  2. You like it, Yum? it actually did look cute when I first took it down. It wea more crinkly, less poofy, but as the day wore on it just grew outward like that. haha.

  3. *Popping from SITS

    I've had those moments! Lol I'm glad you were close to home. I posted back in June about a road trip I took. Check it out if you get a chance. It's called "Just Shoot Me" The title says it all. Lol

  4. Oh man, I would have been in tears! Running out of gas might have been the better option. LOL Glad you figured it out!

  5. I'm so tickled right now! You were hoping the scary people at the gas station didn't come over, but they're jerks because they didn't!! That's so me! I'm glad you finally found the door anyhow!

  6. that is truly funny. I have gone to church with that hair!


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