Sunday, August 30, 2009

What he sees. What you see

We women are always putting ourselves through the ringer. We spend tons of money on hair products, plucking, waxing, and all kinds of makeup. We buy cute but super-uncomfortable shoes and sling shot ourselves into too-small clothes, all in the name of looking good for a man. Too bad some of us don't know that most of this is unnecessary. Men aren't attracted to makeup and stilettos. They are attracted to women, which is what we are naturally. All this other stuff is just excess.

There's nothing wrong with liking makeup, heels and sexy clothes for yourself, but trust me, men don't need it. All they need is you. We jump through so many hoops to impress our mates when they're already sold. We are the ones that are hard to impress. We look at ourselves and other women-especially other women-like we're sitting on a judging panel. We can sniff out a flaw like a bloodhound. Ladies, we are entirely too hard on ourselves. Next time you're standing in the mirror taking flaw inventory, please remember the following.

While looking at your butt, you think...
OMG! Look at this thing. I have got to hit the stairmaster. It's way too big/small/flat/jiggly (choose your word).

He thinks...
Um um um, look at that thing, and its ALL MINE.

While looking at your thighs, you think...
I can't believe these chicken legs/thunder thighs. I'm throwing away every pair of shorts I own.

He thinks...
Aww, look at my honey's legs. She's so cute when she wears shorts.

While looking at your belly, you think...
This pudge is not cool.

He thinks...
I love her soft belly.

While looking at your hips, you think...
These hips are out. of. control. Or I have no hips. I look like a boy.

He thinks...
She got a BANGIN' shape

While looking at your breasts, you think...
This is crazy. Why is my left one bigger than the right? I look like a freak.

He thinks...
Oooooooh, boobies

While looking at your face, you think...
Is that a pimple I see? It's huge! I have a mountain on my face.

He thinks...
Is that a pimple I see? It's  huge! She has a mountain on her face, but she's still adorable.

Our men love us just the way we are. So stop tripping!!
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Zara's Mommy,
Nadirah Angail


  1. All these are true but many women don't realize that. I hope this post will help a lot of women.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Have a great week!

  2. So true sis. Most of the time we do these things to impress other women and not our men. I guess we just need to realize that God made us beautiful in all of our different shapes, sizes, colors etc. Let's look in the mirrors and say "Woowhee!!! Look at me!!!"

  3. I absolutely LOVE that painting you chose. Who's the artist?

  4. Its Faith Ringgold. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. You're right. And one thing men find sexier than all else is a woman who thinks she's sexy. That confidence goes a long, long way.

  6. So true Stephanie. I read in a magazine where they interview men about how men LOVE LOVE LOVE a confident woman. One guy in there said "Ill take a condifent woman with on ok body over a woman who isnt confident with a great body"

  7. I was going to say what Stephanie said - confidence is what they're attracted to. It's like when people say "He found me when I stopped looking." We are our own worst critics.

    And what is it with women and the hating? Whether it's hating in general, or outdoing each other as mothers. Mmmm a little support please? :-)

    Anyway that's what brought me here today! A little support from a fellow SITSer - Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Great post!

  8. Yes, confidence is the kicker. Now, if only we women could get some. Thanks for reading!

  9. nadirah !!! this post is much needed ... i know im a little late and all but your words r so true ... i have mild acne during certain times of the month and i use 2 buy all types of products 2 try 2 clear it bcuz i want to always look my best 4 my husband - but after almost 2 yrs of marriage i know realize that that vanity has no place here for Allah has blessed wit love unconditional - my husband treats me the same n public and n private wit r witout a pimple r a blemish - honestly, i dont think it would bother him if my entire face was 1 big pimple (lol) - this post = self confidence booster


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