Friday, September 04, 2009

Fat Cow Moments

I thought this was me.     
 Apparently, this is me.
Let me explain.
I tried on a dress today and couldn’t zip it up. I tried it on some weeks ago and couldn’t zip it then either, but I wasn’t bothered because I had just had the baby. Now, I’m bothered. Zara is 11 weeks. That dress needs to be zipping. I didn’t gain that much weight while I was pregnant (20 lbs) but it’s taking long to come off. The baby alone was 6.5, and I figure the placenta and whatever else came out was around 3. So, that’s almost 10 lbs right there.

Why in the world can’t I lose this last ten? Disregard that last sentence. I know why. Because I’m not doing anything to lose it. I do eat pretty healthy (which I assumed would be enough) but clearly it’s not cutting it. I was working out for a while, but we’ve had some houseguests that have been staying in the workout room/guest bedroom. I called myself only taking a few days off, and… well, you know. Procrastination become full out abandonment.

It really bothered me that I couldn’t zip that dress. I felt so… so… fat cow. Yea, I know “fat cow” isn’t an adjective, but it really summed up the feeling I’m trying to portray. 10 lbs. isn’t really a big deal, or at least it shouldn’t be, but I really need to get back to my pre baby weight (which wasn’t all that small to begin with). I have a lot of cute clothes that need to be worn. Plus, I know that this 10 lbs. can become a breeding ground for other ugly little lbs.

I was doing pretty good, feeling like I was doing a nice job of slowly getting back to my original weight, but that defiant dress zipper alerted me to the fact that I’m no smaller now than I was 4 weeks post baby. Apparently, my weight loss progression marker took a sudden plunge to zero immediately after the baby was born. I’d like to say I’m going to get back to working out, but that’s a statement that is often made and rarely fulfilled. I’d rather just hit you with a “down 10lbs.” post. We’ll see.

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