Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Hatred-Free Bubble that I'm building for Zara

Zara and I watched the president's speech to school children yesterday. It was pretty good, all two seconds of it. I have a feeling it would have been longer had he not received the backlash from the "conservatives" that hate him so much. I guess the idea of a black man (even if he is only half) talking to their children is too much too bear.

Or maybe it isn't his blackness that makes him evil. It could be his attempts at improving health care. Some people are extremely incensed at the idea of something changing for the better, people like the pastor that prays for Obama's death in his sermons. (Corrections, that's "pastors." He isn't the only one with this prayer.) If a pastor of a church is able to say this aloud to his congregation, imagine what people are saying in private in their own homes. It's really disturbing, so disturbing that I've taken to building a protective bubble for my daughter.

Plastic? Rubber? Glass? I'm not sure what material will be best at protecting her from such hatred, but I need to find out soon, because while some parents are scared of Obama telling their children to stay in school, I'm scared of other people telling my child a far more hateful message. I know I can't shelter her from everything, but can I at least keep away such intense hatred? I shutter to think of someone talking to my baby like that. What if she wants to run for president one day? Is this what she's signing up for? Well, she probably wouldn't win anyway, because I doubt the electability of a candidate with an over protective mother that will fight anyone that disrespects her daughter.

Yea, I can see the news coverage now: "Presidential candidate Zara Ba had to bail her mother out of jail this morning for scuffling with a haggler at last night's debate." Sorry, Zara, I think I've ruined your political career already. I can't help it. I just love you so much, little girl.

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