Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To The Rude People That Feel the Need to Comment On My Child

I love my daughter. She has these big, wonderful cheeks that draw a lot of attention, most of it positive. However, there are those that feel the need to talk about my "big baby" like she's a freak of nature.

"Whoo, that's a big baby!" said in a voice like they truly can't believe the girth of this child. Sure, she's nice and chubby, but no chubbier than she should be, so I definitely don't appreciate the uncalled for comments.

No, she isn't twenty pounds.
No, I don't feed her table food.
And yes, you need to stop talking to me because I'm about to get a big attitude. I'm a pretty nice person. I don't get mad all that easily, but it's the tone I find disrespectful. Some people say "Oh, I love those chubby cheeks." Or "What a cute little round baby," and they say it with love. I'm not talking about these people. I love those people. I'm talking about the ones that act as if they're looking at the craziest thing they've ever seen in their lives, like me and my baby can share clothes, or something. These are the ones that are about to make me lose my usually sweet disposition.

Just because she is a baby doesn't give people the right to say whatever they want. Just because you know me or are related to me doesn't give you the right to say whatever you want. My child is not oversized. She's a sweet little baby that loves to nurse, as she should.

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  1. Yea they are tripping. It's almost hard to comment on, I mean it's your child, cant even believe people would have anything negative or rude to say! You have every right to put someone on check if need feel be- In true words Zara is a beautiful adorable Creation! MashahAllah, I was thinking even after seeing this article that her cheeks are... so cute:) all love ya know, Peace, Peace

    (I know this is: A place for mothers that love their babies, But hey this is real stuff:)

  2. Girl, tell it! Im sure your baby is absolutely adorable, and she is of the perfect juiciness (is that even a word? lol) I've noticed also that family feels like they can say whatever they want, without regard for how you, (or the baby, for that matter) might feel about it. When they say things like that, just say "I know, isnt is SO ADORABLE?" I think they'll get the message, lol!

  3. Ugh, that's awful! I have never understood why people feel like they can comment on pregnancy and babies freely with no filter or tact whatsoever.

    *vows to never be that person*

    Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

  4. People don't always think before they open their mouths. I get the opposite - "He's so small!" "How much did he weigh when he was born?" I try not to get annoyed but sometimes I feel like I have to reassure people in some way that he's perfectly healthy. That's motherhood - we're supposedly revered but really we just get judged all if the time.

  5. That would definitely tick me off!

  6. Glad to know that I'm not the only one that despises this.


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