Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Night Out With The Girls. So Necessary

My girls asked me to ride to the mall with them on Monday to do some shopping. I almost said no because I had a cold and didn't really feel like packing up the baby to bring along. Luckily, I changed my mind.

Her father was home, so I decided against bringing Zara. She goes EVERYWHERE with me and I was really in need of some me time. I needed to be able to relax and not worry about if she's hungry, wet or tired. And it wouldn't hurt to have two free hands with no baby in them. Of course the decision to leave her was a gamble, because I'd tried leaving her with him before and it didn't go over so well. See for yourself.

I was out, enjoying myself and having a great time, when I got a call like this:

*My phone rings and I answer*

Me: Hello

Husband: She's crying *Spoken over the intense yelling of our daughter.*

Me: Well, did you give her the bottle?

Husband: She won't take it. *Baby still yelling. Same intensity.*

Me: *Thinks for a second* Put her in the car and bring her to me. (I was only five minutes away at a party. I’d been dropped off and didn't have a ride home yet.)

Husband: I can't drive with her screaming. *Starting to sound agitated.*

Me: Well, I don't have a car. What am I supposed to do? *Sounding just as agitated*

Husband: I don’t know. CLICK

Me: Hello? HEEE-LLLOO? I know he didn't just hang up on me. *Calls back* Did you just hang up on me?

Husband: She's crying I have to go. *Hangs up again*

My initial reaction was to get a huge attitude and go home to have a nice argument about how that was so rude and uncalled for. After about 30 seconds, my more relaxed and logical reaction was to not take it personally and to understand that he's just frustrated and is still getting used to being a father to a newborn.

I got a ride home from my aunt and rushed into the house, arms outstretched, ready to relieve him of our crying daughter. I expected to hear the same yelling that had played interference on the phone call, but it was silent. I went upstairs and found my husband holding a quiet, but wet, towel-wrapped baby. He had put her in the tub to calm her down. She loves the water.

Sidenote: I do believe she could give Michael Phelps a run for his money.

Anyway, it turns out I had rushed home for nothing, but I was glad he had gotten it under control. To ward off the chance of a cry attack happening again, I took her with me and went back to the party.

So, that's what happened the last time I left her with her dad. Still, I left her again, even though I was going far more than five minutes away this time. I figure he's got to learn how to handle that type of behavior sooner or later.

I didn't do much at the mall. Just walk around with my girls and help them pick out clothes. I didn't buy anything other than a .97 cent pair of leggings for the baby, but I had a great time. Just being able to get out of the house and do something that had nothing to do with mothering was great. By the end of the night, I was missing my poopoo and ready to get back on the grind. What a difference a few hours makes!

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  1. You definitely need that every now and then. Sounds like he's doing better with the baby now!

  2. It is always great to get a short break now and then. It makes the time together even better. It sounds like daddy and baby did great together.

  3. Hello!!

    stopping by from sits:)

    Sassy Chica

  4. Yes, he's getting a lot better at handling her.

  5. I remember those days when I use to rush home when hubby would call with the baby crying in the background. That was with the first baby, three kids later(oldest 6yrs, middle 2yrs, youngest 5mths.) I stay right where I am and tell him to call me when he gets them settled and I hang up..Lol!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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